Environmental Consulting & Operations,inc. is a full service water/wastewater company offering services ranging from the initial consulting and design phase to operations, maintenance, sampling and laboratory testing. We have a wide scale of clientele ranging from smaller subdivision associations to municipalities and sewer districts. Our current plant capacities range from 12,000 GPD to 400,000 GPD. 

Our company is designed to assist our clients in developing a manageable and cost effective plan to meet the increasing environmental regulations.  We have a staff of certified operators and Engineers with over 20 years experience in every aspect including: design, construction, ownership, testing/compliance and operations/maintenance.  Please feel free to contact our staff of engineers and operators for a free initial site visit and consultation on your existing or proposed  water/wastewater system.

ECO, inc.  maintains contracts with a variety of clientele throughout Jefferson and surrounding counties.  Our client list includes mobile home parks, subdivision associations, school districts, long term care facilities, commercial plazas, municipalities and rural developments.  We understand the evolving regulations and the budgetary constraints that will satisfy current and future regulations.  We are confident that our prices and our quality workmanship is unmatched.

We operate a variety of treatment systems including the following:

  • Extended Aeration

  • Sequencing Batch Reactors

  • Facultative / Aerated Lagoons

  • Pump Stations

  • Collection Systems

  • Oxidation Ditch

  • Fixed Film Media Reactors

  • Tertiary Sand Filters

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Your source for complete water and wastewater services