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Cement Pipes


Out first priority at ECO, Inc is to provide safe and reliable drinking

water.  Our firm provides operations Staff licensed at all levels in Missouri and Illinois to provide for your system, big or small.  We possess a vast array of knowledge from operations to monitoring and installation of all water system components.  From chemical addition to emergency excavation

and repairs, we have you covered.


With over 30 years of experience in the wastewater industry, we have become familiar with all sorts of treatment and collection system technologies.

Our operators are proficient in the most advanced screening and filtration technologies all the way down to a simple facultative lagoon.  We sample, test, and report on a variety of systems and average daily flow ranges as well as operate and maintain low pressure sewer systems and gravity collection systems. 


At Environmental Consulting & Operations, Inc., we specialize in the small to midsize private and municipal clients.  From project conception to design/ build, we can find a solution that fits our clients needs.  In Addition to new construction, we at ECO, Inc specialize in retrofitting new equipment into your existing footprint whatever your budget may be.

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